DraStic DS Emulator APK Free Download r2.5.0.3a For Android


DraStic DS Emulator apk free download latest version r2.5.0.3a for android. It is a nintendo ds emulator for android which provides the environment to play Nintendo DS games on android device. Use drastic apk to play games with full speed without any resource barrier. It will enable massive control on your android screen when you play nintendo games on android. Same like joystick on android device, You will get left control and right control. Left side of screen there will be a navigation keys by which you can run player or control its process. There will be four keys on Nintendo DS emulator apk app’s, UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT with their respective mark. On the right side, You will get the action keys to perform any action on game. Simply to create event like Hitting a other player or jump or firing a gun will be done from this keys.

drastic ds emulator apk

It is a paid android app, Therefore we are sharing drastic ds emulator paid apk for free of cost. You just have to download .apk file and install on android device. No license verification is required, You can also download game and play on android device. Only important part is that, Nintendo game files must be available on your device. So before downloading drastic ds emulator apk full version, Get the nintendo files. When you install app ,It will as to load a new game, Then select the game files from the app. You can save games to cloud storage and manage stats online. Google drive storage is now supported, Maybe on next update more cloud storage will be added.

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Features of drastic ds emulator android apk latest version

  • Increase the game’s 3D graphics two times from its original resolution.
  • Customize the screen according to your choice either portrait or landscape.
  • Custom controllers are also supported as well as you can attach physical controllers.
  • Save you game along with real statics and continue to play game later by loading from save.
  • Connect google drive to store your statics of game on cloud storage.
  • Insert cheats on database to apply tricks on games for best records.
  • Best emulator which provides the control on emulation speed.


drastic ds emulator pro apk

Download drastic ds emulator apk full version for android


Purchase drastic ds emulator from google play

File information

File name : Drastic-DS-Emulator.apk
Version : r2.5.0.3a
Developer : Exophase
Updated : July 19, 2016.
Requires Android : 2.3 and up.
Apk size : 11.1 Mb

Requirements for drastic apk emulator app

  • Android version 2.3 and up is required for app.
  • Minimum 512 MB ram on device is necessary.
  • Minimum 15 Mb free space is required for installation.
  • Darstic game files are required to run nintendo games on android phone.

How to install nintendo ds emulator on android device

  1. Download drastic ds emulator .apk file from given direct link.
  2. Copy app on android device on which you want to play games.
  3. Install app from .apk file and wait for completion.
  4. Download nintendo ds games and copy it on android device.
  5. Now open app and click on load games and select your downloaded files.
  6. Game will start in few seconds, Play it and save game for free of cost.
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Last Updated On : Monday, March 13, 2017


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